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Difference of a Girl to a Woman

A girl has an allowance while a woman has a paycheck and uses it for other things than new dress and new shoes. She has real-life bills to pay, example electric bill, car loans, house loans etc.

A girl chases you down while a woman doesn’t have time for that bullshit. You’re on her clock now.

Girls sleep with you no matter what; a woman decides if she wants to.

Girls like asshole behavior; women drop your asshole behavior faster than you can say all your lies

Girls quote movies with Hilary Duff in them and talk about Perez Hilton while women know about it, but also know about that flood going on and those earthquakes occurring.

Girls want you 24/7 while women realize you once had a life that included female friends.

Girls come back to you several times after you screw up.

Women do not, period. If your woman is coming back to

you, you might want to re-think her womanhood title as

well as your jerk behavior.

A girl talks about ex-boyfriends and guys she’s been with. A woman doesn’t ever mention them. It’s no one’s business how much of a tramp a woman is besides her own.

A girl hates all men after a break up. A woman knows that that one guy is an asshole and never deserved her to begin with, asshole.

A girl is “learning” A woman “knows”

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I’m at mid-20’s! Why I think it’s more Awesome than Being a Teen.

I’m 25!

I always thought being in the mid-20’s is OLD!

Now that I am 25, I don’t feel old at all. I feel like an adult when paying important bills and signing thick documents, but otherwise, I still feel like a kid excited to see the world!

Why being at mid-20’s is more awesome than being a teen           

Because you can say you’ve “been there, done that” to problems that you had no idea how you’d get through when you were a teen.

Because you’ve embarrassed yourself and committed stupid things many times to know how to laugh at yourself and not take yourself too seriously.

Because when they say you have to be “whole” before entering a relationship, you kinda know better what it means to be “whole”. (Not sure still :p )

Because you need not be too safe with your words and you don’t really feel the need to please others all the time. Why? Because you are strong enough to stand by your word and you learn that you really cannot please everyone.

Because by 25, you’ve probably gone through a point in your life where you lost everything, and you know now that you are strong enough to pick yourself up again and rebuild your life.

Because by now you’ve sort of figured out the answer to that nagging quarter life crisis question: What is my place in the world? Again, just a “sort of”

Because you just know yourself better. :)

I’m not saying I have it all figured out because I don’t, but I can say I know how to go about things a bit more.

And now that I’m turning 26, I intend to enjoy and learn from this phase in my life. And I honestly can’t wait to turn 30! I hear its an awesome age too!

"Our deepest fear is not that we are weak. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us." - Nelson Mandela

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When you feel good, you look good.

#health #fitness

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My favorite boys Brandon • Mike • Jose •Ben •Kil

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Diary of a broken heart

This post is dedicated to everyone who is going through difficult matters of the heart. Allow me to share my personal experience, and the things I have learned in love. :p

#charaught #charing #echos #brokenheartyourface #blackfriday

It’s been how long? 10 months? One year, two years?uhmmmm…technically, it has been four years, yes., four years when I have had my heart broken for the first time. (well, my heart is more than fine now). But it wasn’t as easy and simple like that. It was complicated. It was hard. It was exhausting I felt like I almost died. (sounds exaggerated? yeah. but that’s the perfect word to describe how it feels) when I was broken hearted, I found myself overly sensitive and emotional. I cried over simple things, there’s an instant tear when a love song’s being played. I can’t go to work. I can’t think. I can’t function well. It’s just my heart that was broken, but my whole being felt the pain. Until weeks, and months of wallowing passed, I finally decided to go out and face the reality. I have to continue my life, I have to fulfil the dreams we have built, even it means doing it alone. It’s when I started to have my interest in reading. I spend most of my available time reading articles, columns, self-help books, name it I have read it, I sucked on it.

Well having said that all, I have listed a few things that actually helped me to get through that one of the hardest phase of my simple and not so interesting life. I hope this would help your heart, or of someone you know.

On advice

When we’re broken hearted, no advice said to us will make us feel better. none. as in. nothing. Whatever it is, it has no effect. When we’re broken hearted, the only thing we think will make us feel better is when that someone who tore our heart apart will come knockin’ on our door and will say that he was wrong, and that he finally realized what kind of an ass he had been to ever broke up with you. But they won’t. (okay, well maybe some will, but believe me, most of them won’t). Hugs will comfort you. Messages of support from your friends will make you smile. But there’s no amount of advice will make you feel better. Unless! Unless you let it make you feel better. Don’t be pressured though to follow everyone’s advice. It is still you who will decide on which way you want to go. Surely, hundreds of saying and clichés will be thrown at you in an attempt to make you feel better (but not all of it actually helps, some even make it worse) but for sure, there’s always the best words that will speak to you and touch your heart, soothe your soul. Those pieces of advice you hold on to.

On prayer

A broken heart will wake up some days so unbelievably hopeless, wanting to just stay in bed all day (I did) some even will go all out in saying they want to die (yes, I did too, but just to myself at least.Aand of course we don’t really want to die right? :p ) there are times, a broken heart will wake up fine and peaceful, but with a minor fear that anytime they may encounter something that day that will bring back all the pain. Whatever mood a broken heart wakes up in. one thing remains. It is a broken heart. This may sound cliché to some, but there is only one thing that can heal anything broken, our Lord. When your heart is peaceful, give thanks. When your heart is troubled, still give thanks and ask for relief. When your heart is shattered into a million pieces, still give thanks. Because one thing is for sure, God only works for the good of those who love Him.

On moving on

Don’t be pressured! For some it takes weeks, for some, months. for some, years! of course no one likes the pain that a broken heart brings. (its pain like no other!) but, you have to go through it. There is no short cut, there is no other way. Go through it. Go and let it out. Cry before you sleep, cry when you wake up, cry in the bathroom, cry to your friends. Lock yourself in the room, stay in bed all day, don’t talk to anyone for hours, make emo all you want. Do it all. Don’t let anybody stop you. (but don’t let it get in the way of school or work or the things you have to do either! okay? okay.) Feel all those yucky, disgusting, heart-shattering feelings, put it in a box, and one day, when you are ready, throw it out the window. It will happen for you. I know right at this moment you feel it won’t, that the day you will be okay will never come, but it will. Have faith, it will. Give time, time. Nobody said it would be easy, but nobody said it will never be okay either, and that you will be alone.

All this I share with pure sincerity from the bottom of my happy heart, to your soon-to-be happy heart! :)

LOve&Light ♥ ♥ ♥

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